Active Insect Remover

An easy to use spot cleaner to remove insect remains quickly from all exterior surfaces.

Insect remains are not just unsightly, but can be damaging to your paintwork, often leaving a permanent blemish. Active Insect Remover's rich foam allows any insects to be easily wiped away with a microfibre cloth leaving you with a clean car again. 

1. Shake well and spray directly onto insect remains, allowing approximately 30 seconds for them to soften.

2. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth or hose off if you are using it prior to a full vehicle wash.

3. Stubborn insect remains may require a second application. If the product dries on, buff with a dampened cloth sprayed with Active Insect Remover.

Avoid use on hot surfaces.

Q: Can Active Insect Remover be applied to glass and headlights?
A: Absolutely! Active Insect Remover is safe for use on paintwork, glass and plastic light casings, paintwork and number plates. It is safe to use on any hard external surface. 

Q: How often can I use this product?
A: Active Insect Remover is a great preventative maintenance product. Try to apply whenever you see insect remains on your vehicle to avoid the risk of needing more serious rectification work. There is no limit to how often you can use it.


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